Doc Johnson Distributing New Digest-Sized, Complete Catalog

Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson has produced and is providing to distributors a conveniently sized, new, complete product catalog.  The catalog, which is eight inches by four inches in size, contains images and descriptions of all of the company’s products. 

“The thought behind this was to have a catalog that is going to be both a quick reference guide for store owners and for it to be something that they can walk around their store with and refer to easily,” Doc Johnson Sales Manager Lavi Yedid told “It doesn’t take up a lot of space so it’s easy to keep it on hand.” 

All the listings include images of the items along with their packaging so that retailers can make informed decisions before they stock. 

In addition to this, the company measured previously unmeasured novelties and included that information in the new catalog. 

“We have a guide in the front of the catalog that tells customers the length and circumference of everything we carry….a picture of an item doesn’t really show how thick a piece is so here we have a place where a retailer can answer a customer’s question right away,”  Yedid said.

The company is considering including the catalog in the packaging of some of its better selling items. 

“There is no pricing in our catalog so it is not a pricing issue but it’s a great way to get the information to the end user,” Yedid added. 

Yedid says that response to the new catalog has been very good. 

“At ANME, it had a really good impact. It’s the total opposite of what everyone else came with. Everybody else came with these massive phone book-type catalogs.  This, you stick it in your back pocket and you walk around the store and do what you’ve got to do and it’s right at your fingertips,” Yedid said. 

Retailers can get the catalog from their distributors.