Doc Johnson Achieves the Impossible: Mary Carey Silenced for 10 Mins.

Doc Johnson Enterprises, one of the major adult toys manufacturers, managed to silence über-loquacious porn girl Mary Carey for at least 10 minutes while the starlet's mouth was used to mold the latest sex toy based on her various orifices.

Carey described the genesis of the latest project once she was able to move her lips. "The Mary Carey pocket pussy was selling like about 1,000 pieces a month," she said, "and so Doc Johnson decided to make a whole bunch more, you know, toys."

The former California gubernatorial candidate also added that she'll now be part of the official Doc Johnson line rather than having her product distributed under other brand names. "I'm being moved over to the Doc Johnson label," crowed Carey. "Usually they just do Jenna and the Vivid Girls, so it's a pretty rare thing."

Describing her ordeal, Carey said, "Today they did a mold of my mouth and it was really hard for me. I couldn't talk for like 10 minutes. And me not talking is impossible. But I'm pretty sure everybody there loved the fact that I couldn't talk. They had a breathing tube in my mouth.  Then they plastered my face."

Still, despite the anguish of not being able to voice her opinions, Carey was elated about the project. "I'm really happy to be doing this with Doc Johnson because they are the leader in adult toys. It's a real honor to be under the Doc Johnson name."

Carey was also overjoyed that she was getting some mainstream coverage as well. "Pictures of the process will be on and, so can you let people know?" Absolutely, Mary. Absolutely.

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