DNA Launches Interracial, All-Black Titles

Some people like to start their day off with a fresh cup of coffee. Others prefer vagina. While both present an alluring, hard to resist aroma and flavor good to the last drop, vagina is still the best part of waking up.

That's why Dennis D, owner of DNA movies, is delighted to be offering a hot and grandé serving of Starfucks, a new interracial gonzo series inspired by coffee house giant Starbucks.

"I was in Starbucks and thought 'Wait a second. Let me see what I can do?'" said D.

Now, most people in that position would have simply ordered a cup of Colombia Nariño Supremo – Decaf. Most people, however, are not pornographers (those outside of Chatsworth, CA anyway). "We're gonna go with the whole Starbucks concept as far as the different drink names and stuff like that," explained D. "It makes sense as far as the interracial. The white and black."

Starfucks' first volume, White Chocolate Mocha with Whip, stars Sophie Dee and debuted this week. "I got a lot of pre-orders for this title," said D. "It's something different. No one's really done it before. I may do a Slappaccino as my next movie."

A new volume of Starfucks will be released every two weeks. Packaging for the series mimics Starbucks' colors and cup format. "Packaging is key," noted D.

DNA movies will also be launching its all-black imprint DNA Black next week with the release of Big Black Booty Breakers. DNA Black will release one title per week.

"Black is the number one mover right now," said D. "I wanted to do something with 'black'. The covers will be totally different from our regular covers. We'll probably have a couple of girls with big asses on the cover. It'll be cool."

For more information on DNA, visit DNAmovies.com.