Dita Von Teese Lesbian Tape Surfaces

LONDON – British tabloid The Sun reports that Wonderbra spokesmodel and burlesque performer Dita Von Teese has an alleged porn past.

The Sun says that video clips of Von Teese, whose real name is Heather Sweet, have surfaced online and show the performer engaged in a variety of lesbian sex acts, including some that involve the use of what might, for lack of a better word, be called a dildo.

The 35-year-old Von Teese was named the new Wonderbra pitchwoman last month and is the ex-wife of '90s rock star Marilyn Manson. The Wonderbra company had hoped that Von Teese could enhance the company's clean-cut image with her own line of self-designed bras. Wonderbra has so far issued no comment on the matter.

The clips, if what The Sun reports is true, will probably do little to promote any clean-cut image. Shot before she was well-known, the images show the performer being spanked and penetrated by a sex toy.

Von Teese's burlesque show has been described by some as being "artistic" and "high-brow" and most definitely being not pornographic.

The lesbian clips are another matter entirely.