Distribpix Seeks to Kickstart 'Misty Beethoven' Blu-ray Package

CYBERSPACE—Distribpix/435 Productions is hard at work on the 2-DVD Special Edition of The Opening of Misty Beethoven and aiming for a July release. But fans who wish they could be a part of bringing Misty to Blu-ray (or who would like to pick up the all-new poster, soundtrack or t-shirt to help fund the effort) can head over to the "The Opening of Misty Beethoven Goes Blu-Ray" Kickstarter project starting today!

Besides getting a sneak peek at the DVD's special features, fans can take advantage of Kickstarter-exclusive pre-order bundles and discounts as the company works to raise the funds needed for Blu-ray authoring, encoding, licensing and replication. If at the end of 21 days fans have pledged enough to make the Blu-ray possible, their credit cards will be charged, they'll get their cool discounted merchandise, and Misty will launch on Blu-ray as well as DVD. If not, no one pays a dime and the DVD release goes on as originally planned. As far as Distribpix is concerned, it's win-win.

As Distribpix explains in an FAQ on the Kickstarter site, the Kickstarter campaign is solely for the purpose of funding additional costs to release Misty on Blu-ray. The 2-disc DVD Special Edition will be released even if the campaign does not succeed, and the Blu-ray, if it does come out, is slated to include 100 percent of the content from the DVDs on the Blu-ray, including HD versions of all the extras.

Some of the discs' features are still to be determined, but Distribpix has committed to including both hard and soft cuts of the film, a full-length director commentary, an additional commentary track with co-star Gloria Leonard, a behind-the-scenes documentary (likely more than 45 minutes), trailers for all the Henry Paris films, cast and crew interviews, outtakes, never-before-seen slides and ephemera. Also included will be subtitles in six languages, a Film-Facts subtitle track, a completely restored 5.1 audio mix to accompany the original mono track, and detailed liner notes.

Contributors to the project may also receive, depending on level of contribution, T-shirts with the new Misty Beethoven poster art, a remastered soundtrack disc of music from the movie, "special thanks" on the DVD itself, a pair of tickets to one Henry Paris theatrical screening, vintage XXX posters from Distribpix's archives, and even a pair of hand-blown martini glasses with "Henry Paris" etched into the glass!

According to a Distribpix press release, "This is a community effort, so help us get the word out! Both the Blu-ray and the discounts ONLY happen if the project meets its funding goal! Like the project on Facebook, send links to friends, pitch it to friendly webmasters, and help Misty Go Blu!"

Those wishing to help fund the Blu-ray project may contribute even as little as $1 by clicking here.