Dirty Bob's 'Naked Came the Pornstar' Available Now

LOS ANGELES—Bob “Dirty Bob” Krotts has released a new book. At 188 pages and bursting with over 120 behind-the-scenes photos, Naked Came the Pornstar, which is available now in both paperback and electronic versions, consists of candid interviews with nineteen adult video performers. These unedited conversations, which are described by the publisher as often humorous, occasionally controversial and always sexy, come from early in the careers of these performing, and offer a rare glimpse of stars before fame took control of their careers. Many are award-winners, two for Best Actress, and one according to the Guinness Book of Records is the internet's most downloaded woman.

Naked Came the Pornstar follows a format similar to Penelope Ashe's infamous 1969 novel, Naked Came the Strange, in which 24 different writers each wrote a chapter to create a controversial and diverse book. While Krotts originally planned something similar, he scrapped the idea of using other writers and instead pulled from his library of revealing “Dirty Bob” interviews and experiences. The result is a book that features 19 distinctly different voices while maintaining a cohesive style.

“It still fits the original concept,” said Krotts. “It is a composite with each chapter featuring an intimate and revealing interview with a different performer. Since half of the interview is their voice, it's quite like having a chapter by each new author.”

The interviews featured in “Naked Came the Pornstar” come from an era when modern adult entertainment was still in its formative years. Before big-name adult stars could rely on big companies or turn to their publicists to promote their videos, they had to get creative.

“This was also before Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites made it simple to keep their name, face and thoughts in the public,” added Dirty Bob.

In addition to the interviews, Naked Came the Pornstar boasts two special introductions, one by AVN founder Paul Fishbein and the other by legendary adult personality, Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy.

"I am very proud to have intros written by two true giants in the industry,” said Krotts. “This book is the result of years of hard work in the industry and the contributions of Paul and Ron are just a perfect way to compete the project.”

Naked Came the Pornstar is available now on Amazon.com.