Dirk Yates Gets Extreme Makeover

All Worlds Video is relaunching DirkYatesLive.com.

The new site offers user access to the Dirk Yates Private Collection as well as broadband videos from the website’s live shows. There are also sections of the website dedicated to the company’s popular video series Devil Dogs and The Few, The Proud, The Naked.

“I talked with my online team about where the Web was going, and downloadable video seems to be the hot thing now that everyone has faster connections,” says Yates. “We will still be hosting live shoots on the website where fans will be able to watch when I film new videos, but this new format also allows us to bring higher quality videos to the fans, right on their computers.”

For the initial release, Volumes 1 through 60 of the Dirk Yates Private Collection are available to view, and more videos are being added each week. Fans of the amateur military line are also in for a treat with new videos of Yates’ latest recruits being added to the site weekly. Fans of military men will not have to wait months for these guys to come to DVD; they can view them before the DVD is even released.

“The changes to the website don’t mean that we are going to stop producing DVDs and videos with these guys,” Yates says. “They are just going to be available for the first time in this new format, and once we have put together a good group of guys we will continue to release them on DVD in new volumes. For example, we are currently editing Volume 238 of Dirk Yates Private Collection for release, but you can already see some of the models from it online at my website.”