Director Roy Karch Preps Hardcore <i>Inserts</i>

AVN Hall of Fame director Roy Karch has announced plans for a hardcore interpretation of the 1974 mainstream film Inserts. Slated to roll in late January, the movie will be the director’s first release under his own imprint, Roy Karch Productions.

The original Inserts stars Richard Dreyfuss as the Boy Wonder, an alcoholic ex-silent movie director who turns to shooting pornography in 1930s Los Angeles. United Artists released the film on DVD in August 2006 (reviewed on last week).

"Inserts has always been a favorite movie of mine,” Karch said. “Mark Kernes' recent review of the classic on is a happy coincidence, in that my riff on the movie was all set to be cast.”

A 37-year veteran of the porn industry, Karch boasts the distinction of having directed the first shot-on-video porn during the same year that the Hollywood version of Inserts premiered. Having directed countless hardcore features for other companies, he hopes to start making more personal projects through his new company.

Inserts is a tough movie to undertake in our current business because it’s not about a lovely blonde girl,” Karch told “It’s about the downward spiral of a director who’s pretty serious about what he does and has been really good at what he does. Money’s no problem; it’s getting the right kind of work that’s the problem. My version holds true to the original in that regard; it’s a gritty dark movie. I’ve contemporized the story, so it’s not a period piece. But all the characters are there; Miss Cake, Big Mac, Harlene. It’s not light and lovely and all primary colors. For my first outing, it’s a gamble in that sense. I could do Triple Anal Girls in Heat, and it would sell—but I want to put something out that I want to do.”