Director Matt Zane Signs With Pleasure Productions

Matt Zane, one of the  early progenitors of the alt-porn style, has just signed a deal with New Jersey's Pleasure Productions. Zane will be shooting a new series called Tattooed & Tight in which famous tattoo artists will apply the ink to porn performers, some of whom are tattoo virgins. According to Zane, the first release will feature tattoo artist Dirt, who worked his magic with Britney Spears, taking the needle to Pleasure Productions contract girl Tera Wray.

Zane said of the new deal, "I talked with [Pleasure Productions owner] Frank [Kay], and he's just very interested in getting into this whole alt-porn market that seems to be so big right now. The first person he called was me."

Zane's credentials in the alt-porn market are credible and undeniable. "Ten years ago, Jef [Hickey] and I were at the forefront of this whole thing, " said Zane. "Obviously, if Pleasure wants to do something like this, they might as well have a guy who was there at the beginning."

Music has also been a big part of the alt-porn genre, and Zane is making sure the new series will be on the cutting edge. The duo known as The Resistance, which has worked with groups like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Orgy and House of Pain, will be creating exclusive soundtracks for the series.

Rock on, people. Rock on.

For more information, contact Pleasure Productions' publicity and marketing manager John Paone at (609) 426-1777, ext. 313 or e-mail him at [email protected].