Director Mandy Bright Looking for New Distribution Deal

Performer/director Mandy Bright, who helmed the AVN-nominated Hell’s Angels and other darkly distinctive titles for Mercenary Europe, is looking for a new distributor.

Bright — AVN’s 2004 Female Foreign Performer of the Year — and Mercenary Europe split earlier this year.

“I have no contract with anybody,” Bright, who is based in Budapest, told “Now I’m free. And I really want to shoot. I have so many good ideas. And I really want to do them.”

"Mandy decided to pursue other options with our blessing,” said Long G, the owner of Santa Monica, Calif.-based Sinteractive Entertainment, the new name for what used to be Mercenary Europe. “In my opinion, Mandy is one of the best directors working in adult, and wherever she goes she'll be an asset. Hopefully we can work together soon and she'll always be a part of the Sinteractive family."

Mercenary Europe was a separate entity from Lexington Steele’s Mercenary Pictures, though Steele was credited as the executive producer for Bright’s Mercenary Europe titles.

For Mercenary Europe, Bright directed and starred in the all-girl Hell’s Angels and four boy/girl titles, Prophet of the Fear, and Phetish Phantasies 1-3, released in 2005 and 2006. All feature dark, underworld scenarios, visually distinctive set design, videography and editing, and hard-edge fetish action.

“I like different things,” Bright, describing her titles, said in her thickly accented English. “I like using special make-up, scary looks, like (monster-like) contact lens, a lot of fetish stuff, vampire storylines. But not stupid vampire movies. And really, really strong sex. This is what I really, really like.”

Hell’s Angels was an Editor’s Choice in the July 2005 AVN and was nominated by the magazine a few months later for Best All-Girl Feature.

“So many first-time directorial efforts by performers are straight off the porn assembly line, generic and faceless,” AVN’s Editor’s Choice review of Hell’s Angels states. “So it was with great surprise that we watched Hell's Angels, Mandy Bright's all-girl directorial debut for Mercenary Europe, unfold with striking high style from first bracing frame to last. Oozing a dark, gothic, Old World Budapest sensibility throughout its six beautifully shot and edited sex scenes, Hell's Angels is the most distinctive pussy-partial title of the year thus far.

“It's also a sizzling showcase for Bright, AVN's 2004 Female Foreign Performer of the Year, whose wicked sexual predator persona dominates just about every fetish-flavored scene, looking absolutely ravishing in a variety of guises.”

Companies interested in distributing Bright’s titles can contact her at [email protected]