Director Heidi Joy Pike's <i>Love Hurts</i> Sprouts from Bad Seed

Director Heidi Joy Pike is excited about her upcoming release for Bad Seed titled Love Hurts.

"It's my first project for Bad Seed," said Pike. "I'm really digging working for them. They're great people."

Pike's movie explores the ups and downs of "make-up" sex. She explained, "You get to see the fight. You get to see the fuck. And it's all about that passion and how people work it out…or not."

According to Pike, the movie is reality-based. "There's real fighting," she insisted. "It's hard to describe, but people go interesting places when you ask them to fight with each other. Especially gonzo performers. They take things from their personal experiences and bring them out. It's very method acting. It works out. It's really interesting to watch."

Adam & Eve, Bad Seed's distributor, is, according to Pike, looking at a summer release for Love Hurts. But, as Pike said, "But I'm not totally sure about that."

Pike's first video, Corrupted By Justine Joli, on the Corrupted label from New Machine, will be out soon, she said. "They said it would be out in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it is."