Digital Playground's <i>Repo Girl</i> Being Promoted Via Web Trailer

Digital Playground is promoting Robby D's new feature Repo Girl by releasing a trailer that they are offering a deep link to for all distributors, retailers, affiliate and fan Websites.

Deep linking is the practice of providing a link directly to specific content on another Website while allowing visitors to a site to think that a Webmaster is actually hosting the trailer rather than linking to it. This way Webmasters can avoid the sometimes-prohibitive costs of bandwidth that often goes with promoting video projects.

Deep linking is one of Digital Playground's favored promotions, having worked successfully for them many times in the past.

Repo Girl is an adult comedy featuring Celeste, Penny, Aurora Snow, Fallon Summers, Vicki Vogue, Reese, Mickey G., Tyce Bune, and Eric Masterson.

The story is of a female car thief on parole who has to get a job fast. She ends up becoming a "repo girl," repossessing cars from owners who have failed to make their payments - a job that allows her to utilize her skills as a car thief.

"Robby is creative and edgy and Repo Girl is another wonderful example of his skill as a director," said Joone, founder of Digital Playground. "The entire cast is scorching hot and besides utilizing great camera angles to capture super hot hard-core sex, the plot is fun and believable."

Repo Girl will hit the streets simultaneously in VHS and DVD formats on March 16.

The Repo Girl trailer can be viewed and downloaded here.