Digital Playground Rolls Out 'Punisher' Parody 'The Finisher'

BURBANK, Calif.—Digital Playground takes on the popular Netflix series based on Marvel comic The Punisher with new parody The Finisher: A DP XXX Parody, whose first of four episodes is available now on

Directed by Brett Brando, The Finisher stars Skylar Snow, Dana DeArmond, Dolly Leigh, Michael Vegas and Johnny Castle as the title character, with a special appearance by adult icon Evan Stone as the evil CEO. Sums up a company synopsis, "After the vicious murder of his wife, the Finisher is out for revenge! As he picks off his wife's killers one by one, the remaining men plot the Finisher's own demise."

Though she wasn't required to pull off the type of stunts some of the movie's other actors executed, DeArmond said her role was still a departure for her. "I had no blood or stunts in this movie but I did get to pretend to shoot people, that was pretty fun to play a badass," she commented. "I usually get cast as a goofy MILF or zany teacher."

DeArmond also shared an anecdote about working opposite Stone in the movie, saying he "misread the script and thought he had a fight scene with me. While he and I were exchanging some dialogue I said to him, 'Wow, you're playing a really bad guy in this series! It's kind of scary!' To which he replied, 'Oh yeah, I'm gonna kick [some ass] later!' I assumed he was just being method, but as I was leaving set that day, he asked about our big fight scene. His fight scene was with Dolly Leigh, not me. It was a funny misunderstanding. We had such a big laugh. That guy cracks me up."

See the safe-for-trailer for The Finisher: A DP XXX Parody here. For more information, including quotes from writer Della Darling and other cast members, click here.