Digital Playground Saddles Up for 'Gold Diggers'

LOS ANGELES—Digital Playground on Monday announced the release of a new Western directed by Ricky Greenwood titled Gold Diggers.

At the notorious Gold Diggers saloon and brothel, news of a gold rush attracts prospectors and mysterious strangers alike. Ragtag bands of gunslingers, lawless men and working girls are all willing to get rich or die trying.

Maria San Gabriel (Kimmy Granger) and Sade Freeman (Adria Rae) share a common goal—to lay hands on enough gold to change their fortunes for good. Problem is, outlaw Charles Glanton (Scott Nails) wants some, too, and he’s willing to lie, steal, and shoot anyone who stands in his way.

One of Glanton’s old enemies, General Flores (Seth Gamble), sets a bounty on Glanton’s head that captures Maria’s attention. Maria recruits Sade, who abandons her dry goldmine (and her boyfriend, played by Alex Jones) to capture Glanton and the reward money. Along the way, saloon girls Katy (Abigail Mac) and Jenny (newcomer Gal Ritchie), Thomas (Ricky Johnson) and Glanton’s partner in crime Kimmy (Vicki Chase) all angle for their own piece.

“We struck gold with this project,” says a DP rep. “We’ve been wanting to do a Western for some time, and Ricky Greenwood was definitely the right man for the job. The cast were all incredible in their roles, especially Kimmy and Adria as our leading ladies and Scott as our outlaw. What a ride!”

Greenwood can barely contain his excitement about the project.

“I grew up watching Westerns, it’s one of my favorite genres,” he says. “When Digital Playground gave me the opportunity to direct one, I knew it was the perfect fit for my second collaboration with them. The cast is amazing, the story is great, and everyone at DP worked hard to give you a unique and exciting movie. I can’t wait for you all to see it!”

The five-part feature Gold Diggers premieres today on Digital Playground with the finale on April 1.

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