Digital Playground Garners Even More Mainstream Press

Digital Playground’s president Samantha Lewis were included in a segment on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night about women purchasing adult entertainment – and producing it as well. MSNBC ran clips of Samantha Lewis and Digital Playground movie posters all day to promote the seven-minute segment prior to the airing and they touted sex friendly messages like, “Taboo Is Out, Women Are In” and “Porn for Women by Women.”

Samantha Lewis confirms the taglines, stating that approximately 40 percent of Digital Playground’s business is women. She goes on to suggest that women are probably interested in erotica online because they can do it in private and because of the huge array of choices that are out there. The entire segment is cut with glimpses of Beat the Devil, Jack’s Playground and Digital Playground’s newest release, Loaded.

Keith Olbermann and correspondent Monica Novotny cited a number of statistics that support the concept of women buying adult entertainment. In January close to 32 million women visited adult websites and although about 7 million are women 35 – 44 years old, the grand total includes about 800,000 women over the age of 65. The taboo sex stereotyping is over; ladies are spending the bucks.

A crew from MSNBC spent 5 hours at Digital Playground studios yesterday uploading all the content directly to their New York offices for editing.

Lewis was thrilled, “Wow! It’s been a banner week for us in the news. On Friday we had the cover story on The New York Times and we were on Fox 11’s 10:00 News and last night we were the # 1 story on MSNBC. The best part about this is the message that the public is getting.

“The news channels we work with are very supportive of the types of films we produce and they’re all acknowledging the revolution that is taking place worldwide in support of women’s sexuality. We are always happy to set a standard and an example. We are honored to contribute to the mainstreaming of classy adult erotica.”