Digital Playground DVD Titles Mentioned In <i>N.Y. Times</i>

An article last weekend in the New York Times mentioned Digital Playground's Virtual Sex series as an example of the advances the adult industry has made in technology.

Citing the Virtual Sex series as one of the top selling interactive series in adult, the Times used Virtual Sex with Devon to introduce the features of adult interactive to the masses.

"You're basically a voyeur. This way it's a first-person experience. If the girl is in the missionary position, the camera is looking down at her as you would be if you were actually there with her. You're the god of your world at that moment," Joone, director of Virtual Sex with Devon, told the Times.

Joone then explained the purpose of the pitch black backgrounds in Virtual Sex - preperation for holographic porn. "That way, when we perfect hologram technology, we can cancel out the black background and bring the subject into three-dimensional space. Men will love it. They'll sit in front of their giant-screen TV, turn off the lights and the only thing lit will be the girl," he said.

Jenna Jameson was the first star of the Virtual Sex series for Digital Playground and went on to star in the My Plaything series for Digital Sin.

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