Digital Playground Addresses Teagan Presley Contract Termination

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Teagan Presley is free to perform for her own company and other adult studios while the termination of her contract with Digital Playground is resolved, according to DP co-owner Samantha Lewis.

"Anyone that wants to shoot Teagan, distribute Teagan's product or fund Teagan's directorial efforts knows they can personally call me for written or verbal approval,” Lewis told AVN.


Presley split with DP in November after a three-year run as an exclusive contract girl for the studio. She has since claimed that legal wranglings involved in her contract termination have forced her to stop performing until the matter is settled.


Although Presley maintains she “can’t perform” until her contract termination is legally concluded, Digital Playground's attorney Greg Piccionelli pointed out that DP has already authorized Presley to perform for other companies including Zero Tolerance.

“The fact is that Digital has actually provided Teagan with written permission to perform for another director the one time she asked to do so while still under an exclusive contract with Digital Playground,” Piccionelli told AVN. “The company didn’t have to do that, but they did so anyway, without compensation, as a professional courtesy to Teagan. Moreover, I have personally informed Teagan’s attorney that should Teagan want additional permission while we are wrapping up her agreement, she should just ask and similar permission would likely be granted.”

Digital Playground confirmed to AVN that the legal issues involved in dissolving the contract are unrelated to the ownership of Presley's name or a "non-compete clause".

"Neither Digital Playground nor its representatives have ever said Teagan could not use her name after she ceases to be an exclusive performer for DP," Piccionelli said.

Presley declined comment on the specific details holding up the dissolution of her contract. "I have to hold my tongue out of respect for all parties," she said. "Right now, I'm forced to quit until my legal matters of my termination are done."

Digital Playground indicated that the waiting period involved in Presley's contract termination is a matter of standard procedure as both sides come to an agreement.

“Digital Playground is a professional adult motion picture company, and it is run quite like a mainstream company,” said Piccionelli. “Teagan very much wanted to be associated with the professionalism and quality of Digital Playground when she signed a multi-year exclusive performance agreement. Now that the parties believe that it is in their mutual best interest to change that relationship, there isn’t a problem, but there is a professional process to the termination of that agreement. It’s just that simple."

Meanwile, Presley said the situation is "taking a toll on me and my family, stress-wise, money-wise. It's put me into a hole. I had to put on a good show for [the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo], and I had to put on a brave face ... but as of right now, they've put me into a corner."

Piccionelli responded: “If all goes well, Teagan’s attorney and I will work out the details and Teagan will be free to exploit the numerous opportunities that I am sure will come her way. I have always thought that she was one of Digital Playground’s most talented stars. I know everyone at Digital feels that way and truly wishes her well as she continues her career.”

Presley’s attorney Michelle Seanez did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Peter Warren contributed to this article.