DHD Media Launches Streaming And DRM Services

E-Media service infrastructure provider DHD Media announced the addition of streaming media and digital rights management (DRM) to its list of service offerings. DHD media believes these new services, developed as an interoperable set of technologies, broaden their market and attract customers looking for performance-tuned systems.

"Rich content providers are only now beginning to understand how to harness the power of streaming DRM," DHD Media's Director of Marketing Raj Patel told AVN.com. "The application can apply across multiple industries including film, music, online learning, and so on. Anyone with rich content who is trying to deliver it to a target audience in a cost-effective and profitable way can now do so. We help them unleash the profit potential of their content."

Since the early '90s, DHD Media has been delivering credit card billing and processing services to Danni’s Hard Drive, one of the world’s most highly-trafficked adult Websites. During that time, Danni Ashe, widely recognized for her business acumen and technology prowess, has been working with them to refine her content delivery and digital security standards.

“We recognized that Danni’s needs were not unique.” said DHD Media CFO Gary Cann. “After years of development and testing, we realized that what we had developed was twofold: one, an optimal system to deliver to Danni’s customers, the best possible experience with her streamed content; and two, an innovative set of DRM standards that helped her derive greater value from her existing content.”

DHD Media looks to announce additional customer wins related to these offerings in the coming weeks.