DGC PrePaid and Nectar Create Prepaid Card

DGC PrePaid founder Timm Knapp said that the first thing companies ask about when he presents his prepaid online adult card is age verification.

“It’s a huge issue,” Knapp said. “And a lot of people are unwilling to give out personal information over the Internet. With this, you’re verifying age at the point of sale.”

DGC partnered with Nectar Entertainment to offer these prepaid cards, which will be sold in adult retail stores and even independent convenience stores.

For $10 (Knapp said the denominations are negotiable depending on the companies’ needs), the cards provide 15 days of access to Nectar website content. The cards began appearing in stores this month. “Nectar was very, very forward thinking,” Knapp said. “With this card, a customer can buy a six-pack, pack of cigarettes and after putting a code in, can access porn at home.” And, he pointed out, “The charge won’t show up on a credit card bill,” Because the cards are created by DGC for specific companies, the cards are useful branding opportunities too, since they have the company’s name and logo on them. “The card serves so many purposes as a branded marketing tool,” Knapp enthused. “The card drives users to specific sites.”