Devinn Lane Hosts Fans on Wicked Set To Benefit AIM Healthcare

Wicked Pictures contract performer Devinn Lane recently hosted four fans on the set of her newest Michael Zen directed video, Stiletto.

The fans, one celebrating a birthday, wrote an email to Lane asking if they could meet Lane in exchange for a donation to the charity of Lane’s choosing. 

“I get tons of email every single day but this one really stood out,” Lane told “When they offered to make the donation to the charity of my choice, it was really cool because I had never had anyone make that offer. It’s usually just ‘how can I get on a set’ or ‘how can I meet you’ and no one ever offers anything in return.”

Lane put the fans in touch with Wicked publicist Daniel Metcalf and told them that she would like them to make a five hundred dollar donation to AIM Healthcare. 

“AIM is the organization where we as talent go to get our testing. Sharon [Mitchell] has done a really good job of creating a place where you can go and be informed as to what exactly the ups and the downs of working in our industry are,” Lane said of her choice. 

The fans made their donation and got to witness Lane performing with Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo on Friday. 

The fan celebrating her birthday, wishing to only be called “C.B.” enjoyed her porn set visit. 

“It was amazing.  Devinn is great and this was so much fun,” C.B. said. 

“They were such nice people and I am sure they had an experience that they are going to talk about for a long time,” Devinn said with a smile.

For more information on AIM Healthcare and the services they provide the adult community, visit