Devil's Film Spawns <i>Transzilla</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Devil’s Film shook the valley to the core this afternoon as it officially announced the birth of Transzilla, a she-male monstrosity destined to wreak havoc on the assholes of men.

“It takes a big incubator to hatch a Transzilla egg,” said national sales manager Steve Volponi. “But we created a monster—a real man-eater. Transzilla lives and breathes only at Devil’s Film.”

Tranzilla features four scenes of fully functional transsexual hardcore. Each installment of the series will find a new tranny star in the titular role. “But, they will all pack at least 10 inches of tranny terror,” said Volponi. “Cocks the size of a baby’s arm.”

Like the original Godzilla monster which represented the fears that many Japanese held over the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - and the more contemporary Blackzilla creation which represents today’s fear of black people - Volponi sees Transzilla as an opportunity for consumers to let go of their heterosexual hang-ups.

“Tranny-lover or not, no one will be able to escape Transzilla’s reach once it’s on the shelves,” said Volponi. “All walks of life will be drawn to it. It’s a transsexual magnet.”

This year, Devil’s Films received AVN awards for Best Transsexual Series (Transsexual Prostitutes) and Best Transsexual Release (Transsexual Babysitters 2).

Transzilla is scheduled for a March release.

For more information, contact Steve Volponi at 800-358-0077 or [email protected]