Devil’s Film Releases First Bisexual Title

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Anyone who has ever fucked a girl with his buddy knows that one miscalculated reach-around, and BAM! — you're bisexual. It's not your fault. Things can get confusing when there's not enough vagina to go around. That's why Devil's Film has released their first bisexual title — Bi Accident, a cautionary tale about the circumstantial cock sucking that can occur between two men during a heated threesome with a woman.

"You gotta be careful. Once the back of the cock head passes your teeth or anal ring, you may have gone too far and could be considered gay," warned Steve Volponi, national sales manager for Devil's Film. "Bi Accident helps viewers know what they can do to fall safely into the much more socially acceptable category of bi-sexual."

The title marks Devil's Film's first foray into the bisexual market. "Devil's Film really has just about all the niches covered, and we try to keep ahead of the curve as much as possible," explained Volponi. "It was only a matter of time before we jumped into the bisexual market with the type of quality product people have come to expect from Devil's movies."

Bi Accident stars Desire Moore, Kitty, Zoe Mathews, Aaliyah Jolie, Chris Dano, Tino Santana, Mark Galfiore, Justin Side, Little Billy, Paul Carrigan, Bo Lawson, and Dean Marquez.

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