Devil’s Film Introduces Value Packs

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Devil's Film is offering retailers priced-to-sell value packs of its hardcore 4-hour DVDs. The value packs hold three of the 4-hours and are sold 50 deep in an attractive point-of-purchase box adorned with the Devil's Film logo and ghost flames.

"It's 150 titles of 100% Devil's hardcore," explained Steve Volponi, national sales manager for Devil's Film. "It's a great value. Our 4-hours have a repeat customer base because we only use Devil's footage. We don't license it and we don't trade it. We also kill the scene after we use it in a comp. You won't see it in our other comps."

Volponi went on to point out that each Devil's Film value pack can be hung individually for display. "The Devil's black display box is an attractive addition to any countertop, but if you don't have room for a counter display, no problem. Hang the value packs on your novelty wall slot hooks. It's a great design and an effective eye-catcher."

Transsexual-themed Devil's Film value packs are also available.

To order and for more information, contact Steve Volponi at 800-358-0077 or [email protected]