Devil's Film Delivers Octomom Parody

CHATSWORTH, CALIF. - "Octomom" Nadya Suleman may want nothing to do with porn, but that's not going to stop the adult industry from exploiting America's latest reality star.

The unemployed 33-year old single mother of octuplets is the subject of Devil's Film's outrageous new parody Coctomom, arriving in stores April 23 on DVD and Blu-ray disc.

Played by curvy newcomer Vannah Sterling, "Coctomom" is out to find eight sperm donors in what Devil's Film national sales manager Steve Volponi describes as "the feel-good family movie of the year."

Sterling's committed performance is already creating buzz among critics lucky enough to have seen an advanced copy of the spoof. The story's inspired ending is also guaranteed to please in vitro fans [spoiler alert]: After collecting enough cum to shit out 8 babies, Coctomom inseminates herself with a turkey baster!

Suleman gave birth to octuplets earlier this year after undergoing a controversial in vitro procedure. She has six other children, and is now a bona fide tabloid star. Suleman recently declined a million-dollar offer from Vivid to perform in an adult video production.

To preorder Coctomom, contact Steve Volponi at 800-358-0077 or [email protected]