Devil's Film Debuts DVD Spin Racks

Devil’s Film has introduced new attractively designed spin racks for retailers to utilize as point-of-purchase displays in their stores. The carousels hold 120 pieces and are available free of charge with purchase of Devil’s Film’s new releases.

“I have visited many adult stores and have noticed that a lot of them do not put sections together by company, genre, or even new release and/or catalog. It’s all just one big mess up on a wall,” says Steve Volponi, national sales manager for Devil’s Film. “I wondered how anyone finds anything. So in order to get off the wall and separate us from the others, we are introducing our Devil’s Film spin racks.”

Devil’s spin racks are shipped fully stocked and ready for display. “Basically, we picked 24 of our best selling titles and put them in this rack 5 deep,” explains Volponi. “You pull it out of the box, pop it on the base, and remove the shrink wrap. Easy as 1, 2, 3.”

Amongst the titles featured on Devil’s spin racks are Milf Squirters 1 & 2, Cream Pie for the Straight Guy 5, Anal Teen Tryouts 11, Titty Worship, Squirt Quenchers 2, Cum On My Hairy Pussy and I Wanna Cum in Your Mom 2.

Along with providing retail stores more display space, Devil’s spin racks will make it easier for consumers to find their favorite Devil’s Film series. “It’s a great deal because the rack itself is over a $200 value, and is more accessible to consumers than combing through a wall of product,” notes Volponi. “They’re also attractive and do a great job of catching the customer’s attention.”

Devil's Film will have a spin rack on display at their hospitality Suite #3122 in the Venetian hotel during the AEE show.

For more information on Devil’s Film spin racks and products, contact Steve Volponi at 1-800-358-0077.