Devil’s and Goodfellas to Launch Transsexual Line

Devil’s Film has closed a distribution deal with Goodfellas Productions for a new transsexual line. Goodfellas Production owners Steve Volponi, Dave Kaplan, and Shawn Slaughter, who are also employees of Devil’s Film, will produce a line of interactive transsexual titles called Up Close & Virtual with…

Volponi, Devil’s Film’s sales manager, approached Devil’s Film owners with the idea. “They loved it,” he told “Devil’s Film already do very strong business with the Transsexual Prostitutes series among others, so it was a no-brainer for them to make a play in that genre.”

“If this goes well, Devil’s Film and Goodfellas Productions could very well work together again on future projects.”

“While other companies fight for real estate on the straight shelves, we look forward to leading the way in the Transsexual section,” Volponi continued. “We couldn’t be happier with Devil’s Film for giving us the opportunity to not only do a line, but to actually own it too. It’s very rare that a company this successful share a piece of the pie. We are happy, to say the least.”

The first Up Close & Virtual with… installment will star transsexual Danielle Foxxx. Volponi said that viewers will be able to control her every position and make her cum when they want. “The menus are awesome, and we have a couple added extras that are a Goodfellas secret…we have some tricks up our sleeves.”

“This DVD is going to have Transsexual fans all over the world drooling for the next one.”

Devil’s Film is online at