Denis Marti Performs, Directs During Extended Stay in U.S.

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Denis Marti told AVN he is shooting content for three different websites that he maintains in addition to creating several feature movies for the Italy-based Pinko Enterprises.

Marti, who resides in Budapest, is in the middle of a three-month stay in Los Angeles, where he has been both performing and directing for his own productions and for others. Just his internet work alone is enough to keep the 37-year-old busy. He owns, and

Marti said that is just what it sounds like— a couples-oriented destination.

“I try to appeal to the female audience, to couples, and I try to shoot things that include a lot of foreplay, kissing and setups with a little introduction that actually makes sense,” he said. “ is not so much the big tits, but it is also taking care of the beauty of it, playing with the breasts. It is a niche for people that are into that.”

Marti said that is shot in point-of-view format.

“The girls are giving b.j.’s while they’re smoking cigarettes. It’s a niche that is very popular right now in the internet,” added Marti, who started the sites in late 2009.

“We’re happy with it. PornRomance has received good reviews,” he said. Each of the sites is part of his new GentleCash affiliate program.

Meanwhile, Marti is excited about his work for Pinko Enterprises, for whom he began shooting two years ago. He already has completed 10 gonzo and feature movies for the company, one of which was nominated for a Hot D’Or award in October.

“Now we are working on bigger budgets and bigger ideas and we want to shoot over here because we’d like to get some the opportunities that the American business offers,” Marti said.

That includes casting American girls along with European girls in the same movie.

“It was easier over here for the Americans to come to Europe to shoot gonzo and stuff,” Marti continued. “Now probably it’s the other way around. Some European companies shoot features over here and their contract stars are coming over here to shoot these movies.”

The 11-year adult industry veteran said the language barrier in Europe is a major reason why.

“Wherever you shoot you have this mix of Hungarian, French, Czech, Italian...It is difficult to be able to unify the languages to work well on the dialogue and things like that,” he said. “And also with some of the locations and facilities, it is easier over here to put together a high-end project nicely.”

Marti from 2004-06 teamed with Hustler Video to create several well-received gonzo series, including The ProfessAnals. He took about a one-year break from the business in 2008-09. Another reason he intends to stay in America until late March is to keep working for different L.A.-based companies as a performer.

“When you only perform in Europe the American audience and American industry tends to forget,” he said. Marti has worked for Vivid Alt, Vivid, Naughty America and a Paul Thomas-directed Marc Dorcel production, among others, during this trip. 

“As a performer I think I’m actually better now than before because I have quite a lot of experience,” Marti said. “I am better in acting and also working, especially when I work with people who I work very well with like Manuel Ferrara. You know what they want and feel very confident. It is always good to work with friends. When you develop a friendship over the years it is something that makes me happy to go to work all the time.”

He continued, “As a director the fact that right now the industry is going through a lot of changes, a lot of challenges ahead, it is interesting. It is something I want to be part of, the changes and how to develop better products. It is something instead of scaring me, because some people probably feel scared, I feel like it’s a good challenge.”

While Marti may be known thus far as a director for his gonzo and vignette movies, he said that his feature work has become quite gratifying as well.

“I really like to do that, sometimes I do the scripting and I think of a story and think of a title. And the fact that I shoot a feature movie doesn’t mean the sex is less strong or is less passionate or is less interesting,” Marti explained. “I think actually that is one of the challenges we have. With cable TV and internet, the audience is way larger. It is important that something real is happening when it goes to the sex.”

Marti lived in Prague for eight years before moving to Budapest 1 ½ years ago to change the pace and cultivate new work relationships. And now he said he is looking forward to spending even more time in the U.S.

“It is where the most interesting things are happening now.”