Democratic Presidential Candidate To Attend FSC Fundraiser

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel will attend the Free Speech Coalition's Red, White and Blue Bash fundraiser at Universal Studios' Globe Theatre this Saturday.

According to an FSC press release, Gravel says he's "proud to be a voice for the industry and that he supports and respects the rights of individuals to keep the government out of their bedrooms and the free speech rights inherent in the adult entertainment industry."

Gravel represented Alaska as a U.S. Senator from 1969-1981. In 1971, he successfully blocked a bill to renew the draft for five months until Nixon allowed it to expire.

“Just last week, FSC representatives spent a day at our nation’s Capitol, lobbying people who were afraid to admit that they had even met with us. So, we are extraordinarily honored to have Senator Gravel step forward in public support of our industry,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “The tide is turning and courageous free thinkers like Senator Gravel are standing up and telling the truth about oppressive government intrusion into people’s personal lives that not only tears away personal freedoms, but also wastes valuable tax dollars in unwanted and misguided moral policing.”

Senator Gravel will attend the entire event and address the crowd briefly with additional time for question and answer.