Deen, Black to Take Part in Washington U.'s Sex Week Panel

ST. LOUIS, MO.—Award-winning adult movie stars James Deen and Tori Black, as well as fetish star Lance Hart, will speak at Washington University this evening. The panel discussion, "A Night With the Stars: Life, Love, and Sex in the Workplace," begins at 7 p.m., is open only to students, and is the part of the university’s Sex Week.

Sex Week (formally "Sexual Responsibility Week") is a weeklong series of events for Washington University of St. Louis' community aimed at fostering a more open discussion around sexual health, sexuality and societal views of sex. Communication is key to healthy relationships, and students who choose to attend Sex Week events are encouraged to ask questions, talk to peers, and make educated decisions.

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), a Student Union-sponsored group, has planned and implemented Sex Week every February since the 1990s. Besides the Deen/Black panel, events during this year's Sex Week have included "Bringing Sexy Back," a collection of rotating, open table discussions geared toward helping to "make Wash U. a more sex-positive campus"; "The Contraceptive Choice Project," including frank discussions about sex and which contraceptives are best suited to the participants; "Leather History and Protocol," examining the symbolism behind leather vests, caps and boots, and how they have become part of a culture with military-strict protocol; "Shibari Rope Bondage Basics," teaching students how to restrain themselves or a partner with simple, safe and secure ties demonstrated by a local rope bondage guru; "Power Exchange and Play," a primer for those new to BDSM and power exchange; "LGBTQ Sex in the Dark," offering discussion about "all the different kinds of sex"; and "Beauties and Beasts: Sex and Relationships in the Media," dealing with what a healthy relationship looks like and what makes a relationship unhealthy and/or abusive.

"I'm excited and proud to be a part of a discussion on sex in our society," Deen said. "Creating an open dialogue about sex is important to promote a safe, respectful and fun experience. In my opinion, doing so will also help individuals achieve personal growth and self-discovery, something I think is stifled by the shame many associate with sex.

"Thank you to the students at Washington University for inviting me to be a part of their Sex Week," he added.

Wash U. Sex Week representative Brian Baker said, "We are really excited to be able to bring James Deen as one of our guest speakers for Wash U.’s 2013 Sex Week. After much thought, we decided Mr. Deen would give a unique and professional perspective on sexual health and wellness."

The two-hour panel will discuss the inner workings of the adult entertainment industry. The panelists will be asked questions generated by members of the Wash U. community and local health care professionals, and selected by a panel of students and staff involved in health and sexuality topics.

"We hope to cover topics such as the recent legislation forcing condom use in films made in Los Angeles, health issues individuals face in the industry, and societal reactions to their profession," the Sex Week website states.

The Student Health Advisory Committee reached out to James Deen, considered by many to be the most popular male performer in adult entertainment, to come to campus. Besides his extensive porn credentials, Deen recently completed a starring role opposite Lindsay Lohan in Bret Easton Ellis and Paul Schrader’s upcoming feature film, The Canyons. His newest mainstream project is as producer of Cowboys & Engines, a short steampunk western film. The project is currently in production and raising funds through

Sex Week is a campus activity of Washington U. and is open to enrolled students only. For more information, visit the Student Health Advisory Committee website.