Debi Diamond to Sign for Arrow at AEE

LAS VEGAS – Debi Diamond, whose 15 year career in XXX ended in 1998, will return briefly to the adult industry after a 10-year absence to help promote Arrow Productions' reissue on DVD of Debbie Does Dallas 20th Anniversary Edition, which features Debi on the cover.

"She was not in the original movie," admitted Paul Interlandi, head of production for Arrow, "but they did shoot some scenes with her and added it to the movie for the anniversary edition. Also, we will be coming out with a new Debbie Does Dallas – I don't know whether it will be out for the show, but included in that will be Debi Diamond's scene that she shot for the anniversary."

Arrow will be sharing a booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) with Bill Margold's Protecting Adult Welfare (P.A.W.), and Debi will be signing autographs there for Arrow.

Interlandi also announced that Debi will be inducted in Margold's Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame ... along with a very old friend.

She's longtime friends with Ron Jeremy, who will also be inducted," Interlandi said. "He was one of the first people she did a scene with, and she has fond memories of him. They're old buddies, so she's going to come out of retirement just to be there when Ron gets inducted."

That film was David I. Frazer's Bad Girls II, released in 1983 by Collector's Video, and since then Debi has appeared in over 400 features plus dozens of compilations. Some of her most highly-rated vehicles have been Sex, Sex 2 and Latex, all directed by Michael Ninn for VCA Pictures, as well as Chameleon for John Leslie, the whimsical Sex Life of Clowns by Wesley Emerson, both also for VCA; F.J. Lincoln's Debbie Does Dallas Again for Arrow, and an early attempt at 3D porn, Princess Orgasma and the Magic Bed, directed by Anthony Spinelli. Her final features were 1998's Bikini Sluts for Snatch Productions, and, ironically, Last Movie for Dreamland Video.

But what's she been doing lately?

"She's a motorcycle-racing soccer mom," Interlandi informed. "She has three kids. She races motorcycles and really enjoys it. I don't think it's professional; it's an amateur level, but she has an eight-second motorcycle in the quarter-mile, which is pretty fast. You're approaching speeds of 200 miles an hour to get to eight seconds. She's gotten clean and sober since her adult days and she's really pulled her life together, but she doesn't regret what she's done in the adult industry, and is actually proud of her work because she did it for all the right reasons, which is that she enjoyed sex. We like to hear that; it's pretty refreshing these days."

"She was dancing for a while, but I guess that's not her bag, so she decided to retire and go into civilian life," he continued. "She's working on putting together a website for her fans, and she's talking about offering some personalized items and having a portal so people can find all the movies that she was in. She was a very active person."

Debi will be at the Expo Thursday, Jan. 10 and Friday, Jan. 11.