De'Bella to Appear on TV's 'Maury'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Mature performer De'Bella will appear on Tuesday's episode of the syndicated TV talk show 'Maury' with host Maury Povich.

Entitled "Shocking Video and Extreme Sex Lives...Exposed!", the episode features De'Bella discussing her decision to begin performing in adult movies just prior to her 50th birthday. The segment was taped this spring before a live studio audience in New York, but 'Maury' producers decided to hold off on airing the show until July sweeps.

De'Bella told AVN that her segment originally ran 20 minutes. "I was on with a bounty hunter woman and somebody who cheats on their wife, a detective who cheats on his wife," she said. "I came out, and actually I got good response, of course. So he asked me a bunch of questions about, you know, the same questions they always ask me: 'Why are you doing this? Why at the age of 50?' I said, 'Because I can, I love it, and I love sex. What more can you say?' And then, of course, I'm doing it to raise money for my plastic surgery to further my career. The more mainstream television I get, the more interest I get in the surgeon doing my surgery, which will probably be on 'The Insider.'"

According to De'Bella, the 'Maury' studio audience reacted to her appearance positively.

"It was all clapping and applause and saying, 'Go for you!' There were even older women in the audience that were saying, 'Wow! Yeah! Go!' They thought it was great. I looked right at the audience to see if there were any frowns, and there weren't; they panned the audience, and I could see it on screen. I mean, I didn't get any boos, nothing, it was all positive. As a matter of fact, I had the loudest audience that day. It was really great. And Maury said, 'I want to see you again back on my show in 10 years, to see if you last 10 years.' I go, 'Well I don't know about that, but maybe next year.' And he says, 'Well, maybe so.'"

De'Bella added that Maury supplied her with sexy lingerie for the broadcast. She later wore the same outfit in a scene for director Diana DeVoe's Momma's Got A G Thang (Candy Shop), an interracial MILF epic now destined for the trash-culture history books as the first porn flick featuring wardrobe by Maury Povich.

Formerly an office worker at RLD, De'Bella recently left the company with plans of starting her own studio. "De'Bella is not and never was exclusive to the RLD team, but Red Light District is extremely happy to have her featured in these titles listed and for her appearance on behalf of the team on The Maury Povich Show," a company press release stated.

De'Bella can also be seen in Mommy Fucks Best 2 from RLD sister label Platinum X. Her upcoming releases include De'Bella's Young Fellas for director Juan Cuba (Platinum X, due out Aug. 1) and the above-mentioned Momma's Got A 'G' Thang, due out Aug. 13.

The 'Maury' show airs in Los Angeles on Channel 5 at noon, Tuesday, July 24, 2007. Check local listings for additional air times.

AVN's Peter Warren also contributed to this story.