De'Bella Opens Talent Agency

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Late-blooming porn star De'Bella has opened a fully licensed and bonded talent agency, Generation XXX Productions, catering to performers of all ages and types.

"We've worked on it since June," De'Bella explained to AVN, "and the reason I decided to open an agency was so the talent would have a safe environment to come to and people to talk to when they needed it."

One of the big perks of Generation XXX Productions is that it will offer its talent full medical, dental and life insurance programs, as well as a number of other benefits.

"There's no agency out there that I'm aware of that provides medical, dental or life insurance," said De'Bella, "and then we have an affiliate program for an attorney that will be available to them at a discount ... things like that that I felt like [were] needed services. And we can offer these things because we are a licensed agency; we are a state-licensed company that can go to other affiliates to get group discounts."

The name of the agency, De'Bella said, is meant to represent "the young, the middle-aged and the older women."

De'Bella will have her agency license in hand November 2, but has been granted the go-ahead to officially begin recruiting talent, and said she already has two girls on board to sign.

"I will probably release who signs up with us by the end of next week, at the latest," she said, "and I have 20 girls pending for paperwork right now. And by the end of this week, the website should be up. Talent can go on that website and click for forms to sign up for us. And I'm giving it like two weeks, we'll probably have pictures of the girls up."

The soon-to-launch website will be located at, and anybody interested in joining the agency can contact De'Bella directly at (818) 825-5462 or [email protected].