DCypher To Direct, Consult For Hellhouse Media

SEATTLE - Industry veteran DCypher has teamed up with HellHouse Media to direct and help market a number of the company's new projects.

"His reputation speaks for itself," HellHouse founder and CEO Ty Gonty said of the writer/director. "He has years of experience in this industry, innovative and original ideas, a strong work ethic, and he creates amazing product. We couldn't be happier to be working with him."

DCypher echoed the sentiment, saying, "Ty is one of the most forward thinking individuals in the industry today. He's very comfortable with the internet and open to new marketing strategies.

"It's difficult trying to explain web integration to some companies, but with HellHouse, they're right at home and up to date on all the emerging platforms and delivery systems," DCypher continued. "That makes it easy for them to understand the viral marketing ideas I'm developing without having to stop and explain all the terms over and over again."

Formed in 2005, HellHouse Media started out producing fetish-themed fare, and has since expanded into other genres and markets, including the relatively recent additions of a line of clothing and an energy drink.

The company's first foray into the POV realm, Kevin Moore's Nasty Talk, is scheduled for release through Pure Play Media on April 7, and according to Gonty, it's one of the best titles to ever come out of HellHouse.

"We gave creative control over to Kevin, and he really brought the heat with this project," Gonty said. "It's going to be some of the finest filth available anywhere on the market today."

For more information on HellHouse Media, visit www.hellhousemedia.com. To order Nasty Talk, contact Jameson Grimaud at (866) 820-3000 ext. 216 or [email protected].