Dave Pounder Becomes Full-Time Performer

Part-time adult performer Dave Pounder has finally quit his day job to pursue a career in adult full-time.

Pounder, who has been working part-time in adult for the last year and a half, recently quit his job at a bank to make himself available for productions.

"When I first got in the business a little over a year ago, the phone was ringing every day; I was turning down work left and right because it conflicted with my work schedule at the bank", said Pounder. "I just figured it was a temporary thing and the calls would eventually stop, so I could never get myself to leave the steady income.

"I did the math and figured I could pretty much bring in what I'm making at the bank, yet work half as much," he added.

Those interested in booking Pounder can contact him through his Website, DavePounder.com.