DateApp Gives Piece of Company to Top Partners

Taking partnerships to the next level, DateApp CEO John Micheal Cataldi is investing company stock in those companies that will push DateApp’s revenues to its targeted goal of $6 million over the next 12 months.

“Stock option plans are commonplace for key employees, but rare to include in partner programs, but it is our partner’s efforts in conjunction with our dating technology that makes our company a profitable enterprise,” says Gene Cataldi, operations manager.

John Michael Cataldi, having a background in investment banking and raising capital for publicly traded organizations, sees this as an opportunity to reward those that create value for the company.

“We have no employees at DateApp, we have partners. The speech is always the same for anyone joining our team: ‘How rich do you want to be? OK, make it happen.’ Giving stock to our webmasters is just an extensions of this methodology,” he says.