Danzig Promotes <i>Grub Girl</i> at AEE

Glenn Danzig stopped by the AVN booth at the AEE Expo at the Sands Expo Center to talk about his movie Grub Girl, starring Brittney Skye and directed by Craven Moorehead. The movie is based on Danzig’s comic book line, which is written by Ed Lee.

“It’s crazy, erotic humor. It’s pretty wild,” Danzig said. “Britney is a corpse hooker. In the comic, pimps turn out dead hookers because they don’t feel pain and can take anything. Britney/Grub Girl gets fed up with it and bites a john’s dick off and eats it. She opens a brothel of corpse hookers.”

Danzig said that the preorders for the movie, the release date of which is Feb. 7, are good and that he was pleased that Moorehead realized Lee’s original vision.

“It came out gnarly. It’s cool.”