Danny Gorman Keeps Things Juicy

Danny Gorman truly earned the description of industry veteran. Recently named general manager of Juicy Productions, Danny caught up with AVN.com on the hectic second day of AEE 2007.

Asked about his current gig, Danny said, “They brought me in as the general manager and put the power in my hands to do what I needed to do with it and make some necessary changes. We’re slimming down the line. There were like 12 different directors shooting 12 different lines. It wasn’t consistent, so I’ve knocked it down to five lines…and I’ll be starting my own line in February.”

Asked about his new project, Gorman explained, “It’ll be called Dirty Laundry. It’s going to be hard-edged gonzo, but it’ll be presented as vignettes with little story lines. I’ll be using some really good camera guys. Guys who have proven themselves.” While Gorman has been well-known in the industry for many years, he also put in his time as a hard-core touring musician playing drums behind a number of well-known pop, soul, funk and country acts.

Gorman offered a quick resume regarding his musical past. “I toured for almost 20 years. I played with a lot of different groups. One of the bigger ones I played with was a ‘70s group called England Dan and John Ford Coley. I also played with Juice Newton, Patti LaBelle, Bobby Womack…”

Womack provided Gorman with a funny road story. “I was the lone white boy in the band, and we were playing for mainly all-black audiences. He [Womack] would use me as a joke. I missed a beat one night, and he stopped the band in the middle of the song and said, ‘Where you at, white boy?’ He got quite a laugh from the audience and I came back with ‘Where you at, man?’ Uh, I left tour that night. But the music was great.”

Photo of Gorman by Hewman Being.