Daniels, King Talk Shop on AMC's 'Sunday Morning Shootout'

HOLLYWOOD — Wicked Pictures writer/director/performer Stormy Daniels and VP of special projects Joy King scored a major crossover coup on this morning's "Sunday Morning Shootout" on AMC, comparing and contrasting Wicked's productions to those in the mainstream with Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart and Hollywood heavyweight Peter Guber.

During the roughly 15-minute segment, Daniels discussed her latest blockbuster, Operation Desert Stormy, and her experiences working on mainstream sets including, most recently, frequent collaborator Judd Apatow's production Superbad, which she said walked a very fine line between raunchy Hollywood comedy and the movies she makes. So much so, in fact, that for every dirty take, they then shot a "clean" version to safeguard against garnering the much-feared NC-17 rating.

Perhaps more notable, though, was Daniels' observation, respecting the biggest difference of a mainstream production from an adult one, that "I'm totally blown away by how many people seem to be standing there doing nothing. If I became a big mainstream producer, the first thing I'd do is fire half the people there."

On that note, Bart suggested to Guber that perhaps he'd just discovered his next big moviemaker, to which Guber replied, "She is more imaginative and entertaining and engaging than most of the people we talk to."

At one point, Bart brought up the threat to adult posed by internet fare, and King responded that, "At Wicked, we make quality adult films, that is what we do. So for us to suddenly change that midstream because somebody out there is shooting his neighbors with a camcorder wouldn't make any sense."

Asked about her own taste in movies, Daniels said it runs a wide gamut, but, "Most importantly, I like good filmmaking."

Also queried by Bart (a bit fallaciously) as to why there aren't action figures of adult stars being made, Daniels said, "I've been asking for action figures for over five years. I want mine to talk."

Retorted Bart, "I'm not sure if guys would want adult action figures that talk."  

At the segment's closing, Daniels noted to Guber that she'd done some "internet prowling" on him, and asked why he was still working. "If I had done half of what you've done, I would be on an island with a bunch of native girls getting fanned by them," she said.

Also featured in separate segments on the program were DreamWorks SKG's Jeffrey Katzenberg and Saw creators Oren Koules and Mark Burg. To see some extended clips from the show, click here.