Dane Productions Library For Sale

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Dane Productions owner Ed has put the company’s complete assets up for sale, including all worldwide rights and masters for the Dane video library.

During its decade-long run, Dane produced such popular series as University Coeds, Nineteen Video Magazine, Runaways and many more. The Dane library encompasses a wide variety of niches, including ethnic, teen, amateur and interracial.

“I have 228 complete hardcore titles, 86 cable-ready titles, and 23 titles that are completed but unreleased and ready for replication,” said Ed. “I also control 75 masters from other people; I have all the papers, including 2257 documentation. I also have a contract with a mainstream publisher to do comic books from three of our movies; the first one is already done. And we have 5,000 DVDs sitting here that just need inserts, 2,000 VHS tapes, and between 12 and 14,000 VHS covers.”

Ed noted that he chose not to cut up the company’s releases for VOD or internet sales in order to keep the value of his titles. Dane has reported a consistent 10-to-1 ratio of receivables to payables, and its web division DEP Group brings in an estimated $3,000 per month, Ed told AVN.

“I never cut my scenes up at all,” he said. “People called me all the time asking me to do that, but I refused.”

Buyers interested in acquiring Dane Productions may contact Ed via fax at (818) 349-6662 or call (949) 636-6280.