Dana Dane Rocks Whitestarr Concert

MALIBU - Erocktavision director/producer Dana Dane brought her AVN Award-winning brand of girl/girl rock porn to the stage at Friday night's concert by Cisco Adler and Whitestarr.

Loops of makeout scenes from the Erocktavision series were displayed on video screens above the band, turning the show almost into a live presentation of Dane's rock-fueled movies.

Also part of the event were Vivid Girl Sunny Leone and newcomer Lacelle, who danced on stage and tossed Erocktavision swag into the crowd.

"It was an awesome night," Dane commented. "We work with a lot of great musicians, but this time around we were honored to partner Erock videos with Whitestarr while the music was live. An unforgettable night, that is for sure!"

Erocktavision is distributed through Pulse. For more information, visit erocktavision.com.