Dan M. Launches Exclusive Media Producers (EMP)

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - After a successful year and a half as sales manager for Anabolic Digital, Dan M. is going independent with his own company, Exclusive Media Producers (EMP).

"Our core business," he told AVN, "is to produce high-end, top-quality adult entertainment. We're going to distribute it through every possible avenue we have. We will have online websites, we'll have DVDs, we'll have Blu-ray, we'll have novelties."

Product in all those categories will begin to appear "toward the end of the summer or early fall," with content also distributed through new media like IPTV and mobile. Shooting will commence in February.

Dan acknowledged that starting a new company these days is tough. "Not only are we dealing with a bad economy, but Internet piracy is at its highest level, and consumers are starting to get used to not paying for adult content.

"So EMP is going to get very creative and innovative in offering new products and services for the end user that they won't feel slighted if they're paying for something that can normally get for free.

"We're creating a whole new company based around the market that exists today, not the market that existed five, ten years ago."

Before Dan became sales chief at Anabolic-where he helped create their B2B site-he held the same position at Jules Jordan Video. Before that he worked for  "IVD, East Coast News, Pleasure and Rosebud—the whole Frankie K. conglomerate."

He said that Anabolic owner Chris Alexander is "very supportive of my new venture—he's a great human being—and I'm going to be supportive in return." He also had praise for Randy, his successor as sales manager. "Randy has a lot of experience in the business. He's very customer service-oriented, and he's going to do fantastic."

The team he's assembling for EMP, he said, "consists of some of the brightest, most creative people in the industry. I'm very confident in their ideas, their knowledge and experience, and I know we're going to be successful.

"It all revolves around putting out great content. If you put out great content, somebody somewhere is going to see it—and want to pay for it." 

Dan M. can be reached at [email protected]