Dale DaBone is Official Hot Rawks Spokesperson

VENICE, Calif.—One of the first things Dale Dabone did when he returned to the business was to pick up a sponsor. With his extensive background in both porn and rock music you have to admit that the product he chose fits like a glove—Hot Rawks.

“I use them all the time but it's not just me,” said Dabone of the superfood-injected aphrodisiac. “I've given them to other male performers who swear by them as well! I feel blessed to have formed this relationship right out the gate with such a reputable company.”

Hot Rawks is all-natural, certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and specifically designed to enhance libido, energy and stamina. Today, over a year and a half later, Dabone is still endorsing the aphrodisiac supplement.

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