D. Cypher Signs Exclusive Directorial Deal With Metro

Director D. Cypher has just signed an exclusive directing deal with Metro Studios where he will direct 10 high-def productions in the next year under the company’s Cal Vista imprint.

“It feels awesome,” Cypher told AVN.com of his new deal. “I can’t believe that after eight years in this business that the moment finally came. I thought that it was never going to happen. I feel like I can create what I want to create at Metro with the right budgets. For this next year, this is going to be a great place to be. They aren’t trying to handcuff me. Nobody’s telling me what to create. They trust me to have a vision and create it.”

For Metro, Cypher directed the upcoming AVN Editor’s Choice for August, Prisoner. His next feature for the company will be Wonderland, an homage to Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita.

“There are elements of Lolita in Wonderland as well as the whole femme fatale slash bad girl mystique that Drew Barrymore carries in Poison Ivy,” Cypher said. “From there it splits off and there is nothing traditional about it, either in storytelling or framework. I’m really excited about the upcoming shoot.”

Cypher also plans to create a four-part feature series as part of his Metro deal along with other high-end individual productions.

“The tales in the series will all be interlocking. Most people when they create a story in adult, they don’t put a lot of emphasis on the story because in their thinking, at the end of the day it’s just porn. I feel that cheats people who love the genre. There are people who watch it because they want a storyline coupled with sex. My job as a director is to get the best acting out of the adult performers I am working with and I feel that many of these beautiful people are capable of delivering more dialogue than they do now,” Cypher said.

Cypher, under the name Devan Sapphire, won an AVN Award for co-penning Wicked Pictures’ Breathless with director Michael Raven in 2003.

His Metro contract begins Aug. 1. For more on Cypher’s work and other Metro productions, visit www.metromovies.com.