CyberAge TV Spots Set to Air This Month

Adult entertainment pioneer CyberAge has launched an ambitious media campaign highlighted by TV advertising that will began airing across the U.S. on Sept. 1.

The 30-second spot, which can be viewed at, boasts a slick design and potent star power, thanks to the one-two punch of starlets Tera Patrick and Gina Lynn.

Scheduled for network, cable, and satellite broadcast coast to coast, the ad will be seen by an estimated 40 million viewers in the prized 18-to-34 male demographic.

The TV ads represent the beginning of a robust, strategically orchestrated media campaign for CyberAge.

“This is the beginning of a whole new era for CyberAge,” says Jack of CyberAge. “It is something to be celebrated.”

CyberAge Dave is anxious to see how the new campaign boosts sales for CyberAge network affiliates. “We’re encouraging all of our webmasters to be proactive and get those sites ready for a serious onslaught of fresh traffic,” he says.