Custom Adult Webmaster Toolbar Launching: GA Media

GA Media Corporation announced this week that they are launching a customized version of their Adult Webmaster Toolbar.

“Due to the unique nature of our resource site, we launched Adult Webmasters Toolbar three months ago, which has seen considerable growth,” GA Media Corp Chief Operating Officer Lee Windsor explained to AVN Online. “As of last week, we offer a customization service to that toolbar. Now you can create a dynamic customized browser toolbar that features and brands your website to our users.

“If someone came to me and wanted a toolbar, we could program a toolbar specifically to their requirements. We can give them a search, customized graphics, dropdown menu, message tickers, or whatever you want. Anything you can conceive of can be added to the toolbar.”

The Adult Webmaster Toolbar resides atop the user's computer browser and allows the user to browse the Web at will, but with brand names and logos of selected Websites or products displayed.

“Webmasters in the industry now want it right now,” said Windsor, “and the Adult Webmaster Toolbar gives them the opportunity to get the information they need immediately regardless of whether they want our site, somebody else’s site or a mainstream site. The resources follow them around.”

The toolbar, which is similar to the Yahoo! and Google toolbars, is said to increase the surfers' affiliation with a company by exposing their brand on the browser.

“So far, the feedback has been really good,” Windsor noted. “At first, people might have been skeptical about it, like, ‘Oh, here’s comes another toolbar,’ but so far we’ve had over 7,000 downloads of the toolbar and 100,000 searches for it per month. Function, flexibility and profitability are the main designs ideas built into each custom toolbar.”