Curve Mag Jan/Feb Issue Features Jiz Lee on the Cover

LOS ANGELES—Not only does Curve magazine include an article on leading queer sex trailblazers, including pornographers, in its Jan/Feb 2014 issue, but it also features popular queer porn star Jiz Lee on the cover, along with the tantalizing tagline "In Bed with Jiz Lee."

Titled "Viva the Queer Sex Revolution," the article in the annual Sex & Romance Issue includes looks at Lee, Shine Louise Houston, Tristan Taormino, Nina Hartley, Annie Sprinkle, Buck Angel and Dr. Carol Queen.

According to Lee, "It's incredible to be the cover model of a national magazine, especially as a porn performer. While the magazine is not an adult publication, they devote their Jan/Feb issue Sex & Romance, covering marriage equality alongside All of Her, a new erotic video I was a part of by 101 Lesbian Sex Positions author Jude Schell.

"The article uses my preferred gender pronouns (they/them), which is great as a genderqueer performer," added Lee. "I've already received letters from readers who were excited to see the gender identity in print. Furthermore, Curve profiles pornographers like Shine Louise Houston and Tristan Taormino, whose work represents diverse queer bodies and sexualities. Curve will be out on newsstands nationwide and has the world's largest lesbian readership, so it's a major boost in the visibility of queer pornography."

A digital version of the article is available here, but subscription is required to access the entire contents of the issue.