Cruising for Sex Launches LLC, the parent company of free gay website Cruising for Sex, has launched

The site is a consumer-driven website where clients are encouraged to post honest reviews about male escorts they hire.

“We join a small list of competing websites that post reviews of escorts, but what makes us different is our custom-made database allowing for detailed searches,” says Keith Griffith, founder of CFS. “We’ve designed a site that is very user-friendly for both posting new reviews and also searching for the perfect man to hire. For example, users can search for every reviewed escort in the U.S.A. who has a dick 10 inches or longer. They can locate and read honest reviews about every escort in Canada who is between 20 and 24 years of age. Searching for every reviewed escort in New York City who is Latin and has a dick between 8 and 9 inches? We’ll help you find them, plus provide honest feedback about the escort.”

The website contains other features as well. Reviewers can comment not only on sexual performance, but also hygiene, languages spoken, conversation skills, interest in sports, opera, theater, and other things that help a client make the right hiring decision.

Escorts are allowed to offer rebuttal for negative reviews. The site also features the “Sugar Daddy Journal,” which is a candid commentary of a sugar daddy and the boy he supports.

Cruising for Sex also recently began licensing its exclusive sex listings. Webmasters may sign up here. Two options are offered: a free version that is co-branded with ads or a paid license that has no CFS branding or ads and is customized for the webmaster’s site. In all instances, the actual content remains on CFS servers so webmasters need not worry about additional bandwidth.