Cruising for Sex Begins Licensing Listings LLC, the parent company of free gay website Cruising for Sex, will begin licensing its exclusive sex listings immediately.

Two options are being offered: a free version that is co-branded with ads or a paid license that has no CFS branding or ads and is customized for the licensed webmaster’s site. In both instances, the content is hosted by CFS.

Cruising for Sex listings cover almost every corner of the globe where men cruise for sex. Tens of thousands of listings, each one passing editorial review, range from an active bathroom in the Vatican to a busy adult drive-in theater in Texas. Visitors to the site offer reviews about their experiences at the places listed.

“The last couple months have been a whirlwind ride for our company, but we are excited to make this announcement to all webmasters,” says CFS founder Keith Griffith. “This is a great opportunity, and we look forward to sharing it. Our sex listings, long the backbone of our business, have always been exclusive to our website.”

Webmasters may sign up here.