Cross, Evil Angel Films Preview Showcase/Directing Debut

VAN NUYS, Calif.—Two-time AVN Female Foreign Performer of the Year Misha Cross tells the autobiographical tale of coming up against U.S. immigration in directorial debut and self-showcase Misha in Exile, being released under the Evil Angel Films imprint and teased with a trailer available now on

"Misha in Exile is in some way a manifesto of my strength," Cross said. "Even though I've been very successful and busy in Europe, the hiatus in the U.S. market made a hole in my soul I couldn't fill with anything. The idea for the movie was born when I came to the conclusion I'm pretty much sick and tired of feeling helpless rather than creative. So one day I decided to change how I feel. I kinda used my anger to my advantage."

"This is Misha Cross producing and directing scenes on a very high level," Evil Angel founder John Stagliano added. "Her cinematography is beautiful. Her sex is hard hardcore. And she is emotionally invested in this project. This is her proving herself to the world market while she endures the handicap of not being able to produce and star in movies made in America."

"All I wanted to do was create a movie that would be beautiful and technically the highest quality possible," Cross asserted. "Cinematic and filled with pretty visuals. A movie that minimizes the distance between mainstream and porn. It's shot with the utmost care to each detail."

Shot in Spain, Misha in Exile co-stars Dolly Diore, Erik Everhard, Lutro, Ramon Nomar and Samantha Bentley, who also contributed her own music to the project.

"The three-minute teases before each sex scene are made to look like high-end music videos," Cross explained. "Samantha did such a great job with composing these pieces that made the whole thing more dramatic and deep."

She continued, "I had this idea in my head to shoot an intro to the movie where I submerge myself in the sea. This was one of the most extreme non-explicit things I've shot in my life, 'cause the water was freezing and we filmed on a very windy day, which made it almost impossible to film. We nailed it, though. It has this amazing piece of music tailored by Samantha in which the voice in the background goes, 'Just when you think it's all fine, the feeling always comes back,' which speaks volumes to me on so many levels and pretty much describes how I've been feeling."

Misha in Exile arrives September 19 via DVD and VOD. For domestic sales inquiries, contact Rick Porras at [email protected] or (818) 787-1414 ext. 104. For licensing and international sales, contact Alexandra Kelley at [email protected] or (818) 787-1414 ext. 106.