Crazy Cabbie Forms East Coast XXXtreme

NEW YORK — The man known to Howard Stern fans as Crazy Cabbie has launched his own adult production company, East Coast XXXtreme.

Over the years, Cabbie has flirted with porn, having produced the notorious video shot in Stern's studio with Taylor Wane, Tabitha Stevens, Ron Jeremy and others that he's now actively shopping around.

"I think I'm gonna be the guy that brings the three Xs back to pornography," Cabbie told AVN. "I think it's lacking. I know there's a lot of companies that actually make movies, but when I say bring the three Xs back, I'm gonna bring back some of the old school stuff that the giants of the industry used to do, and that's making good movies that people want to watch, whether it's couples or guys ... I just want to entertain people."

His first East Coast XXXtreme effort is called Please Pay for My Tuition, and stars Savannah Stern, Taryn Thomas, Keeani Lei and Ron Jeremy.

Cabbie described Tuition as "reality-based porn" centering on college students trying to procure money for school. The title is tentatively set for distribution through Pleasure Productions.

"As far as I know, they are distributing it," Cabbie said. "You know how this business is, everything changes from day to day. I would love to do more with them, but I also want to be in control of my own content, and a lot of times when you shoot for some of these companies, they own you. I just want to make sure that the deal I do is right for me.

"I want to get something in line where I can get myself out to California and start filming full-time," he went on. "It's real hard to film on the east coast, ’cause all the talent's out west."

One of the ways he hopes to possibly fund that move is through the sale of the infamous Howard Stern Studio vid. "Honestly, I thought it would go a little quicker than it has," he said. "But I think part of it is people fear lawsuits. Not that there really could be a suit, but anybody can sue for anything these days.

"The unedited footage we've got, between Howard's studio, the green room, a couple of bands' tour busses and a hotel is six to eight hours," Cabbie continued. "And there's five or six good sex scenes, there's a couple solo scenes. I didn't attack that whole thing going in small, I did it like I do everything else, I went big. We want it to be the right deal, just like my distribution deal that I hope to get here soon. I mean, I'll sell it outright. I just want to get rid of it. But at the same time, when it does finally come out, I want it to be entertaining, and I want people to get a kick out of it."

Howard Stern himself, Cabbie feels, will get as much of a kick as anybody out of the video seeing the light of day. "Howard, at the end of the day, he's an entertainer," Cabbie said. "He and I always had the relationship that he knew I was entertaining, and that's why he put me on his show. So I think at the end of it, Howard will have a laugh about it, and he'll move forward. I mean, he's still sitting in the chair that we had sex in for god's sakes. If it was that big a deal, he would have gotten rid of the chair, right?

"I actually saw a couple of the Stern guys at the Adult Entertainment Expo," he added, "and they kind of gave me on the down-low, 'Hey, Howard misses you, you were always great on the show, call any time.'"

In the Stern Studio production, Cabbie does actually have sex on camera, but he said that will not continue with his East Coast XXXtreme titles.

"From here on forward, everything I do will be behind the camera," he said. "People don't want to see me have sex. The camera adds 20 pounds, and when you're 100 pounds overweight anyway, it makes you look really bad. So I'll stay behind the camera. And I'm cool with that, because I'm very voyeuristic, always have been, so I would rather watch people have sex sometimes than even participate. It's just my thing. So that's one of the reasons I think I'm going to be really able to make good quality pornography."

Cabbie is aware that his efforts may be met with skepticism by the adult industry, but feels he's bringing more than just a name to the table.

"Just like anything else, you can't just go do it," he said. "You have to have a vision, you have to have a plan, and you have to know the right people. So just bringing a name to the table doesn't mean a hell of a lot, as much as what you bring after the name."

And what about the potential stigma associated with porn?

"I still think there's that dark side image attached to pornography," he offered, "which is cool for me because I've never walked a straight and narrow my whole life. So I'm down with it."

Companies interested in talking to Crazy Cabbie about distributing the Howard Stern Studio video or his East Coast XXXtreme line can contact him at [email protected].